Academic Considerations

We recommend that you meet with your academic adviser while applying to our semester-immersion program to ensure your academic progress. Your adviser can help you determine which semester would be best for you to study away. They can also help to identify which credits can be transferred directly and if there is any additional work that you may need to do to attend Steward Semester. Other factors to keep in mind may be:

  • Independent study opportunities
  • Tuition remittance for private schools
  • Withdrawal from public school for the semester

High School and College Preparation: Steward Semester understands the importance of remaining competitive in the high school admissions process. SSAT strategy sessions and practice tests will be available during the semester and we will provide transportation to testing sites as necessary.

College Visits: Special weekend excursions will allow the students to tour local colleges. Located conveniently between Boston and New York City, Steward Semester students may have the opportunity to visit Yale, Harvard, NYU, Bard, UCONN, RISD, Trinity, University of Rhode Island, Brown, Wesleyan, UMass/Five Colleges or Boston University, and any other relevant schools depending on the interests of the cohort, or individual students.