Intentional Community

One of the greatest learning aspects of Steward Semester is the peer-to-peer accountability that occurs in a residential setting. We operate through shared responsibility for the maintenance of common living spaces, food harvesting and preparation, as well as day to day care of the plants and animals of our farm and gardens. Through cooperation, students experience all that goes into keeping a community healthy. Students should expect to cooperate, communicate and show initiative during their time here.


Meals are important time for community and sharing. All meals are eaten in an our historic lodge by Bushy Hill Lake, created by our resident chef. Fresh fruit and tea are available at all times in their dorm kitchen, and students can keep their own healthy snacks on personal shelves.

Sunday dinner is designed and cooked by the students as part of our farm- to- table curriculum. All students gather to utilize ingredients grown and raised on the school’s grounds and from our stock of canned foods. All meals are served family style with accommodation for special diets.