Through hands-on thematic curriculum grounded in environmental science, students will seek to answer five essential questions:

  • How can we learn more about ourselves, our community, our country, and our environment?
  • How are natural systems, individuals and communities connected and interdependent?
  • How has technology affected the world throughout history?
  • How are we impacted by the forces of nature and how do we react or adapt to these disturbances?
  • What does the Earth provide for its inhabitants and how do we sustain Earth’s bounties?

The thematic curriculum aligns with traditional 8th grade curriculum, so students can smoothly transition between Steward Semester and their own school. It includes:

  • United States History
  • Literature and Composition
  • Ethics
  • Environmental Outdoor Education.

Other classes are tailored to individual student level to ensure students can push ahead at their own pace with 1:1 or small group support:

  • Math
  • Foreign Language
  • SSAT prep

Students will participate in elective courses as well:

  • Studio Art & Design
  • Coding/Technologies of Tomorrow
  • Rhetoric/Public Speaking
  • Music
  • Farming