Students learn how to manage and maintain a sustainable organic garden and greenhouse, providing the community with fresh food all year long. Steward also partners with a large local organic farm for both food production and educational opportunities.

Farm To Table

By working in our gardens, greenhouses, tapping maple trees and on the farm, students build their understanding of food production and its relationship to personal and environmental health. They learn to value each bite and reduce waste as they know the labor and joy of planting, tending, harvesting, and storing food.

Each week, students will gather together to prepare and enjoy a Sunday meal and begin planning the following week’s menu. The bones from this week’s Tarragon Chicken and Homegrown Polenta with freshly foraged oyster mushrooms and braised greens, combined with the trimmings of the vegetables can be transformed into a rich stock – the perfect starting point for a pot of delicious and nutritious homemade soup.

Students will experience the value of fresh salad greens from the greenhouse in the winter months and in the spring, they’ll plant crops for the fall cohort to enjoy.