The Four Pillars of School of the Woods


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At School in the Woods students receive a holistic understanding of how an ecosystem functions and the services that it provides. Using an inquiry approach, students explore the processes that govern ecosystems and the history that has affected them. Field data collection is the backbone of our curriculum with a hands on approach to sustainable engineering and design.




Ethics are central to life at School in the Woods. Engaged both inside and outside of the classroom, ethical considerations are embedded in academic analysis and our daily life. Students are encouraged to be stewards of their communities as well as our natural environment. This approach engenders informed and responsible decision making and communication.




Real leadership occurs when a student understands and appreciates all aspects of a team. Communication, team-work and group projects are at the core of all aspects of life at School in the Woods. From meals, academics to our week long trips, students work together as they face challenges and needs of the community as a whole.




The arts are highly valued at School in the Woods. We encourage and help to develop creative approaches towards manipulating material and space through work with the hands and the body. Our arts curriculum works in synthesis with that of the sciences and together, our aim is to embolden our student’s expressive selves so they can meet the unique challenges that lie ahead with creativity and confidence.